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The calculator and the exam. That’s where you come in.

Using the calculator will help you determine your needs. Learning about the exam might help reduce the nerves. There are other tools and resources out there, but many are pickled with opinion and myth. Let’s keep it simple. We want to get you into the right life insurance policy in the most convenient and effortless way possible. No gimmicks and no industry mumbo jumbo. Just facts and action.

The Calculator

Figuring out how much you need can be the hardest part.  You can calculate to the penny or use ball park numbers. It’s up to you how specific you want to get. We’re always a phone call or email away if you want to talk about it, and we’re more than willing to crunch the numbers for you.

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The Exam

Now for the icky part. Needles, samples, and anxiety for many. More people are bothered by the thought of the exam than not. But it really is quick, painless, and the medic will come to you where ever you would like (within reason of course). This link to the ExamOne site explains what to expect and how to get your results. All you have to do is be there. And drink lots of water.

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