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What to Expect


So here’s how it works…
Step One:

Use the calculator on the Resources page to decide how much you need. Weigh your short, mid, and long term liabilities and needs to determine how many years you’ll need the coverage.

Step Two:

Enter the information requested on the Quote & Apply page and get your quotes. Can’t figure out what company to choose? Send us a message at and we’ll get you what you need.

Step Three:

Request an application by pressing the button. Don’t forget to include the three best times to talk.

Step Four:

Sorry, but you’ll actually have to talk to an insurance agent here. We can’t get around this just yet…and those who say they can, well, they can’t either. It’s an industry thing. This call will complete the application and take about 20 minutes.

Step Five:

Depending on the carrier, you’ll sign your documents by web or paper and send them back to us.

Step Six:

If you need an exam, now’s the time to do it. We’ll handle the scheduling for you based on your availability. All you have to do is be there (they come to you) and provide those pesky little, ahem, samples.

Step Seven:

This one’s all on us. We’ll get you underwritten as efficiently as possible. There may be a few follow up items, but we’ll chase them down for you. If we need to communicate with you during this time we’ll do it based on your preference (email or phone).

Step Eight:

Underwriting decisions!! We’ll get it all wrapped up for you, send you your policy and final documents for signature, and just like that…YOU’RE INSURED.

Step Nine:

We’ll touch base with you annually to make sure the original plan still makes sense. If you want more attention, you’ll get it.

Step Ten:

There really isn’t one, but don’t lists always end at 10?

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